Maonyo ya dharuras kutoka kwa Yesu kupitia kwa Ndoto na Njozi za Jeanine Sautron!

Nuclear holocaust!

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Nisikilizeni, enyi Yuda, nanyi watu wa Yerusalemu!in  Mwaminini Muumba wa Milele Mungu wenu, hivyo mtathibitika;wasadikini manabii wake, nanyi mtafanikiwa.2 Mambo ya Nyakati 20:20.



Yesu awataka Wayahudi warudi Israeli ili wajiokoe kutokana na yule mhalifu, who will bring back the shoah in Europe! . NN515-1–1 Yesu awaita ndugu zake Wayahudi waondoke Ulaya

Soma NN515-1 Ujumbe kwa Wayahudi waondoke Ulaya_Ndoto na Njozi Agosti 7 2016

Depart! Break camp! Escape! DV 543 on YouTube and as a pdf.

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Hakika Bwana Yahweh (muumba wa milele) hatafanya neno lolote bila kuwafunulia mashauri yake ya ajabu watunishi wake wamwabuduo ambao ni manabii. Simba ameguruma, Je ni nani ambye hataogopa? Bwana Yahweh ametamka, Je,ni nani awezaye kunyamaza ila kutabiri? Amosi 3:7-8.

Mnamo Mai 7, 2016 BWANA YESU alianza kuutangazia ulimwengu maonyo kuhusu hukumu. Watu wake waitwa waache dhambi na kutoka kwa makanisa yaliyoanguka ili wamfuate yeye.

DV543 Hell is coming, ANTICHRIST destroys Jerusalem with a  F-10 nuclear tsunami!

ISRAEL, WITH ITS CAPITAL, JERUSALEM, DESTROYED BY THIS ANTICHRIST, THE EXECUTIONER OF THE JEWS. HELL ON EARTH IS NEAR. THE 144,000 WILL BE SHELTERED. DV 543:1:1. (as it is written in Revelation 3:10, 19:21, 2 Peter 3:7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11, Isaiah 24:1-23, 46:1-9, Psalm 101:8, 68:2, 37:10, 20, 22, 28, 37-39, Isaiah 34:1-4, Deuteronomy 32:35-44, Zephaniah 1:2-18, 2:3, 2:11, Jeremiah 25:29-38)

Jesus gravely said to me, “You are going to give this message for the Jews”: “The shoa comes back, followed by a genocide with knives, revealed in the seven seals that have been broken.DV 543:4:18.

All those who have observed and are observing the true Sabbath of the Eternal, sincere and faithful Jews, by name or by faith, will be persecuted. They must flee, depart from this country of Israel to save their lives and that of their families. DV 543:5:17.

Addressing the “remnant,” this little Jewish “remnant,” he said, “When you see the apostasy, the abomination in Israel, FLEE! Depart from this country! Depart!” “This message is for the Jewish brothers and sisters in the world, and for the ‘remnant’ of Philadelphia in the world: Depart from Israel! Go to the country of Roy Lemke in Oregon! The refuge is in this country.DV 543:7:4, 5.

My vision got closer to this pyroclastic surge on the earth. It was a wave of bubbling smoke, a nuclear pyroclastic wave. This nuclear pyroclastic wave was advancing like a tsunami all over the earth. It spared neither the continents, nor the islands of beauty, nor the seas. This wave passed over the seas and went from one continent to another continent, and from one sea to another sea, leaving behind it desolation, hell on the earth. DV 543:9:27.

Listening to the songs of the bride, Jesus said to me, “I am going to fetch my bride NOW. I am leaving heaven. I am preparing myself to remove her from this hell. I am going to fetch my bride. She is ready. She has prepared herself. I am going to bring her near to me. The fight ended.DV 543:12:6.

DV542-2 The Nations Abolish the Sabbath and the 10 Commandments of God.

The ten commandments and the 7th-day Sabbath, abolished by the false messiah, the false prophet, and the religious leader.

The nations will fight against the Eternal. The war will be open against the Eternal, against the commandments of God, and against his saints, for salvation comes from the Jews.

Jesus said to me: “The time of this world is of a few hours. No more time!DV 542-2:1:1-3.

Jesus said to me: “I am God, the God of the universe; I know the end before the beginning. The earth will pass away. Write the prophecy. Publish it to the whole world, in all the languages: The earth will pass away. It is near at hand, imminent!DV 542-2:4:17-18.

DV540 The ark of the son of God was removed from the earth.


Now that the work is terminated by Jesus on YouTube and the Internet by Roy Lemke, this ark no longer has its place or usefulness here upon the earth of the living: The door was closed forever. The world has been judged. The appeals of grace are finished: Jesus left the earth. DV 540:2:11, 12.

DV539 Pain awaits the world. Jesus sent the greenish horse of Revelation 6:8 to earth.


The warning will be revealed to the whole world concerning the prophecy which is on the way to be fulfilled.” “This message is that there is in this world a nuclear and human bomb. It is a kamikaze. He is among the peoples. It is a living bomb, a bomb of flesh with a power similar to the nuclear: Two billion people will die, that is, one-quarter of the earth.DV 539:4:11, 12. “It is a virus from the laboratories who produce viruses as weapons of mass destruction. It is a weapon of war created by humans.” “Now,” said he to me, “This deadly virus, without antidote, is no longer the business of men. It is divine.DV 539:9:8, 9.

No hair will fall from the heads of all those who bear this divine seal. They are protected. Fear nothing.DV 539:7:14.

I looked. Heaven was sad. Heaven was at half-mast. I lost this vision in sadness. DV 539:10:6.

DV538. Saints sheltered from the plagues.

The ruin is imminent! It will be sudden and unexpected. God the father has shut his own inside the heavenly tabernacle. They are sheltered from the plagues. DV 538:1:1.

The Lord knows his own here on this earth, shaken by the six plagues that are falling on the earth. He has sheltered them.Angels are deployed in force,said Jesus to me, “to watch over them and protect them.DV 538:8:19-20.

With Jesus, all is peace and rest, and those who are in Jesus Christ are in him for ever. They will NEVER more come out of his heavenly temple, for the love of Jesus, and his fidelity, have shut them in forever. DV 538:7:23-24.

Too late for the inhabitants of this earth, God has withdrawn his protection from them. The door of heaven is closed forever. DV 538:8:23.

DV537. The Destiny of this world has been sealed by Jesus.

The Destiny of this world has been sealed. No one can be saved any longer. Jesus, the son of God has definitively closed the door of his ark on the earth, leaving the world to the power of satan and his demons. Jesus has left the earth. DV 537:1:1.

Regardless of their denominations, JESUS placed the essential focus on the Sabbath, the true day of rest, on Saturday, the Sabbath: from sunset Friday until sunset Saturday. They were in front of this ark, but they did not enter into it because the day of rest, the Sabbath, disturbed them. The day of rest, the Sabbath, is the message presented by JESUS to the world today. DV 537:5:23-24.

JESUS, full of love, did not reject them; on the contrary, he pitied them. His voice was sweet, but his words were full of pain. He said to them,Who are you? You know me? I do not know from where you come. You know me, but I do not know you.DV 537:9:5-6.

The door of grace is closed to the world. No one can be converted any longer. This door was closed to the antediluvians in the past. Today it is closed to this world, whose destiny has been sealed. It is the END. No one can be saved. The world has been judged. DV 537:10:20-23.

DV533-2. Sarin Gas: Terrible prophecy revealed by Jesus in the sixth trumpet!

Sarin gas: prophecy revealed by JESUS, the son of God, in the sixth trumpet. It is a terrible prophecy! No one will escape! DV 533-2:0:1. Jesus revealed: In the opening of the seven seals, the sixth trumpet resounded in heaven, announcing the mass destruction of one-third of the inhabitants of the earth: No one will escape! It will be sudden and unexpected by the inhabitants of the earth. They are ready! They are ready! All is ready for this mass destruction unknown to the inhabitants of the earth. DV 533-2:1:7-8.

DV533 Sarin Gas in the Sixth Trumpet of Jesus

Sarin gas: prophecy revealed by JESUS, the son of God in the sixth trumpet. No one will escape! DV 533:0:1. Jesus revealed: In the opening of the seven (7) seals, the sixth trumpet resounded in heaven, announcing the mass destruction of one-third of the inhabitants of the earth: No one will escape! It will be sudden and unexpected by the inhabitants of the earth. They are ready! They are ready! All is ready for this mass destruction unknown to the inhabitants of the earth. DV 533:1:7-8.

DV532. SARIN gas – MUSTARD gas: Prophecy revealed by Jesus

JSarin gas – mustard gas prophecy revealed by JESUS, the son of God in the sixth trumpet of Revelation. No one will escape! DV 532:0:1. “The SARIN and MUSTARD gases will be as powerful as the nuclear. They are ready: No one will escape!” “These weapons are ready. Two (2) billion inhabitants will die by these weapons (of cancers of all sorts, of all kinds of allergies).” “The pestilence of human corpses will go up to the sky!” DV 532:1:7-9.

DV531.    Jesus, the son of God is at war with the nations. No one will escape!

JESUS, the son of God, is at war with the nations. No one will escape! It is the end of the hour. The time of the nations is finished. JESUS has come to fight the nations with a double-edged sword coming out of his mouth. JESUS advances as a warrior to defeat the nations: Their time is terminated. It is the END! DV 531:1:1,7  

DV530-3.  Woe to the earth!  Woe to the earth!

The protection of God is for those who have been sealed with the seal of God on their foreheads. The protection will be for his Jewish brothers and sisters, sealed with the seal of God; while the radical Jews who are not sealed are going to be burned ALIVE. I say again, “ALIVE.” They will have no protection.

Escape for your life! Do not look behind you!” I feared to see the wormwood coming. This is the end, announced by JESUS. The END of the world is near. JESUS COMES! Be ready!Keep your crown,said JESUS. There is no more time. JESUS comes!

DV530-2.  The shoa holocaust by the antichrist is coming to Paris.

The antichrist is in Paris. The shoa is coming back, the holocaust of the Jews. Revealed by JESUS. Daniel 12:11, 12. Many Jews are going to perish.

I will not allow those who have received the seal of the living God on their foreheads and who are to be a part of the 144,000 to be put to death.” “I will not allow one single hair to fall from their heads.” “I will not allow the gold to be consumed by the fire.

DV530-1.  The shoa revealed by Jesus–The holocaust of the Jews is approaching.

The shoa revealed by JESUS. The holocaust of the Jews is approaching. It is imminent. Hitler, born of a woman, is coming back. He is an antichrist. 

The shoa, ARMAGEDDON, the pixel, the RFID, the nuclear: It is the END of the world! It is the END of the world!” cried JESUS, “It is imminent! It is imminent!

 NN529.   Yesu afichua maangamizi ya Israeli na mji wake mkuu Yerusalemu. Mnyoo tayari uko ndani ya tunda.

 “Shetani, aitwawaye ibilisi, anayo bomu yake ya (nuclear) ambayo ni mara 9 hadi 10 bora zaidi ya zile za mataifa.” “unabii huu uko njiani. Ulifyatuka!Mnyoo tayari u ndani ya tunda.”“Umekaribia! Hakuna atakaye ponyoka! Umekaribia, yaani mwisho wa ulimwengu.”

 DV528-3.  A new JEWISH HOLOCAUST / (SHOA) with crematory ovens FOR JEWS is IMMINENT!

‘Thus spoke the Eternal, “the shoa, the holocaust of the Jews, will come back into all the European countries and into all the countries on the earth. The immigrants will not escape, nor the seventh-day adventists. They are without shelter. This people have rejected JESUS, the son of God, and have sinned against his holy spirit. This people were rejected because of their lukewarmness.”’”

JESUS said to me, “There is no more time for the Jews, the immigrants, and the ‘remnants’.” “It will be at your own risk and peril. Depart! Do not look behind you. Escape for your life!

 DV528-2. The worm is in the fruit. The torturer of the Jews is in France. He is an anti-christ.

‘Thus spoke the Eternal: There is no more time. The end is near. It is imminent! The shoa, the holocaust of the Jews and immigrants, of the sects and blacks, is approaching.’ ‘Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Woe to the earth!’

The son of God is calling the Jews and the immigrants to leave Europe, and depart for Jerusalem, Israel, and then make the ascent toward Oregon, the country of Roy Lemke: Oregon, toward the “remnant,” who keep the SABBATH and the faith of JESUS.I am offering you a shelter in this country,” said Jesus: “Depart!”

 NN528.   Ile miaka 6,000 imekwisha.

 YESU atangaza:““Ile miaka 6,000 ambayo Mungu alimwachia shetani na mapepo zake ili kuitawala dunia, muda huu umekwisha.””…shetani, yaani ibilis ajua kuwa muda wake umehesabiwa. Dunia na wakazi billioni saba (7),kwani wakati uumewadia ambapo yeye hatautawala ulimwengu tena.””  “Amani na Sabato zitarejeshwa kwenye mifumo ya sayari.”” 

 NN527.   Zile Tanuu za kuchomea watu karibuni zitawashwa moto tena.

 “nilitambua kuwa” hizo tanuu za kuchomea maiti zilikuwa zimewashwa tena ili kuwachoma wale ambao hawangeinamia mnyama na alama yake. Nilifahamishwa kuwa kundi hili la watu walikuwa ni kaka na dada za Yesu. Wamevikwa chapa ya mungu, kifo hakina nguvu juv yao.

 NN526.  Shetani katika mwili na ile nyuklia

 YESU ATANGAZA MWISHO WA ULIMWENGU. U karibu sana! “Yule mpingakristo ataiharibu dunia kwa njia ya nyuklia.” “Wale 144,000 wako tayari kupitia wakati huu wa dhiki. Watakuwa ndio manusura,” alisema yule wa Milele. Mungu amekwisha wafungia ndani. Wamehifadhiwa. “Hakuna chochote cha kuwadhur, hakuna,”YESU aliniambia.

 NN525.    Mashetani ni wanywaji wa kamu

 “waume, wake, watoto, wazee, watawachinja wote hao ili wajishibishe kwa damu yao.””Wakazi wote wa dania wataetemeka! mapepo hawa ni malaika wa kishetani.”

 NN524.   Shetani (jemadari wa majeshi) ataiangamiza israeli toka duniani kwa njia ya nyuklia (mwisho wa dunia).

“Shetani (jemaadari wa majeshi) anazo namba za siri za kulipulia nyuklia za nchi zote duniani.” “Huu ndio mwisho wa ulimwengu!” YESU, mwana wa Mungu, alisema kwa sauti kuu, “yaani MWISHO wa DUNIA na wakazi wake bilioni saba! Hakuna atakaye ponyoka!”

 NN521 Wale 144,000 wafunuliwa na Yesu 144,000 Wafunuliwa na Yesu, huku wametiwa muhuri wa Mungu-Yesu yuaja-Ndoto na Njozi-Oktoba-8-2016.pdf”>Wale 144,000 Wafunuliwa na Yesu, huku wametiwa muhuri wa Mungu-Yesu““Hao ndio waabudu wa kweli wa SABBATO ya siku ya saba.”” ““Wameshaupokea ULE MUHURI WA MUNGU vipajini mwao. Wamekwisha hasabiwa haki kwa kuitii Sabato.”” Bwana aliniambia, “nimewafungia ndani. Alama ya Mungu isiyofutika iko juu yao. Mwisho wa safari yao umeandikwa: MUNGU, Yerusalemu mpya.”Ndoto na Njozi 521:4:16-18.

 DV520-2. Malaika wa kiombe cha 7 cha gabhabu ya Mungu atumwa duniani& Visiwa vyote, vikubwa kwa vidogo, vitatoweka toka duniani. Visiwa vikubwa, ikiwemo ile minara yao, vitaporomoka kwa vishindo v Ndoto na Njozi 520–2:2:7.

 NN520-1.   Vikombe sita vya gadhabu ya Mungu vyamwagwa juu ya dunia

“Wastahili, e Bwana, Mungu wetu, kuitoa hukumu hii. Huu ni ulimwengu wa Sadoma na Gomora.” Ndoto na Njozi 520–1:2:7.

UPATANISHO WA YESU UMEKOMESHWA. MLANGO WA NEEMA UMEFUNGWA. MUDA UMEYOUOMA! upatanisho uliisha kwa walimwengu. Hakuna awezaye kuingia tena bila hiyo neema yake, kupitia kwa damu ya YESU. YESU ameirudia kazi yake kama mpatanishi ndani ya hekalu kwa niaba ya wale waliotiwa muhure wa Mungu aliye hai.

Upatanisho wa Yesu katika pahali patakatifu mno umekomeshwa Muda umeyoyoma!  “Mimi sio tena mtoaji kafara (kuhani) kwa niaba ya wenye dhambi ya ulimwenguni. Kazi hii imekomeshwa.” “Naendelea kuwakilisha damu yangu kwa niaba ya wale waliotiwa muhuri wa Mungu.” “Yeye atendaye haki na aendelee kutenda haki. Yeye aliye mtakatifu na aendelee kujitakasa. Na yeye aliye mchafu na aendelee kujichafua.” “MIMI NAJA.Itunze taji yako.”

 NN519.   Laodikia, Kanisa la Waadventista wa siku ya saba-Taa yake imezimika-Ndoto na Njozi 519 Septemba 29-2016-1

“Mafundisho, yaani nuru yote waliofunuliwa hawa wana Laodikia, yamechanganywa na mafundisho ya wapagani na pia kuchanganywa na moto wa kigeni kutoka kwa makanisa haya ya kipagani.” ha” ““Laodekia ni mke mzinifu aliye pia kahaba. Amekwisha kanwa na babangu wa mbinguni. Yuko pamoja na yule mpingakristo na pia muungano wa makanisa.Anayo ile alama yake 666:sinagogi ya shetani.”Ndoto na Njoi 519:5:7-8.

 DV518.   NN518 — Wale Skeneed — Ndoto na Njozi 518 Septemba 15 2016 

Wale Skeneed wafanya kazi pamoja na mpingakristo ili kuainzisha Harmagedoni.

 NN516.  NN516 Paris, Ufaransa yatekwa nyara na yule mpinga-kristo-yakaribia sana  


 NN515-1.  Yesu awaita kaka na dada zake Wayahudi waukimbie Ulaya 

YESU,mwana wa Mungu, kwa upendo alio nao kwa Wayahudi, ili aziokoe familia nyingi za Kiyahudi iwezekanavyo pamaja na watoto wao, awaambia wale Wayahudi wanaoishi Ulaya na sehemu ingineo ulimwenguni:“Njooni kwenye nchi yenu ya Israeli, Yerusalemu.” Mwachelewa! “Usitazame nyuma! Toroka! Ondokeni kabla ya kuja kwa yule mhalifu pamoja na umati wa malaika zake ambao ni mashetani.”Ondokeni Ulaya! Hapa ninyi hamna kimbilio, hamna hifadhi.“Ondokeni! Jiokoeni nafsi zenu!”” ““Okoa familia yako! Rudi kwenye nchi yako ya asili.”

 NN514-2.  Ole kwa dunia! Ole kwa Dunia! Mpingakristo yuaja kupigana na Yesu na wateule wa Yesu! 

 Ole kwa dunia! Niwar vita dhidi ya umati na umati wa mashetani kaatika mwili. Yule mpingakristo yaani shetani, aitwaye ibilisi, katika mwili, pamoja na mapepo zake yu miangoni! Ana kiu ya damu, yaani damu ya Wayahudi Mashetani hawafi, wao ni mashine za kuua. ““Itakuwa ni vita dhidi yangu mimi (YESU) na wateule wangu waitunzayo Sabato ya siku ya saba ya Aishiye Milele mnamo Jumamosi.”“Okoeni wakati!”“Huyu mpingakristo akija, ataitikisa ngumi yake. Ataongea kwa kuitikisa ngumi yake, utamtambua. Ni shetani mwenyewe, yaani ibilisi, katika mwili.”” “Ulimwengu wote utatetemeka!Hu Utakuwa ndio MWISHO wa ULIMWENGU!”

 NN514-1.  Yesu atangaza kuwa kuja kwa mpingakristo kumekaribia sana.   

Yule mpingakristo yu karibu, yu karibu sana! Mwisho umekaribia! Songamaneni! Okoeni wakati!Sanctify my Sabbaths.” “Renounce yourselves, the idols. Touch nothing impure, and I will welcome you.” “Reform yourselves, renounce meat and sexuality.” “Be holy as I am holy.Yule mteketezi wa Wayahudi yuko Ulaya. . He is near. Yu karibu. Mhalifu huyu ndiye Hitler mpya, ambaye ni wa kutisha zaidi ya yule Hitler wa awali. “Hitler huyu, akiwa pamoja na mnyama mwenye pembe za mwana kondoo na yule mpingakristo (yaani ibilisi katika mwili) watatawala kwa miaka 3 1/2, na hata zaidi. Chukizo hili litasimamishwa huko Ulaya. HARMAGEDONI, yaani maangamizi ya Wayahudi kwa visu, vilevile wahamiaji na waadventisa wa siku ya saba walioko duniani. Watakuwa bila hifadhi, kama panya wanaofaa kuondoshwa.

 NN513.   Kanisa la Laodekia kukataliwa na Mungu baba. Limelaaniwa.

Waadventista wa siku ya saba wanaelekea kwenye uharibifu. Hii Laodekia haina kimbilio. Kinara cha taa kiliondolewa kutoka Laokekia na kutiwa ndani ya Kituo cha Ndoto na Njozi huko Oregon, ambacho mkurugenzi wake ndiye Roy Lemke, hivyo kanisa la waadventista wa siku ya saba walisalia ndani ya giza totoro. Hukumu kwa walio hai na kilio kikuu cha malaika wa 3, zilianza na “Laodekia.” Yalikuwa ni makataa ya mwisho ya neema kwa watu hawa. Kwa muda wa miaka 7, YESU, aliye mfalme wa uzima, alikuja miongoni mwa watu wake, yaani waadventista wa siku ya saba, na kuwapata kuwa watu waasi, vuguvugu, wasio na Imani, ambao hawakutaka kujua chochote kumhusu yeye. YESU, kwa kilio cha uchungu, na huku mwili wake ukitetemeka, alimshi baba yake tena na tena kwa niaba ya hao waadventisa wa siku ya saba:“Baba, Damu yangu! Damu yangu! Nataka watu hawa watoke kwenye hali yao ya uvuguvugu ndipo waweze kutubu, na kumrudia Muumba wa Milele, ikiwa hayo ndiyo mapenzi yako, wala sio yangu” waongezewe muda zaidi wa kumrudia Mungu, wa kuurudia upendo wao wa kwanza, yaani kumpenda Mungu na pia jirani. Uamuzi wa baba yake ulikuma”“Watu waliolaaniwa: Hukumu ya kifo. Wamekanwa.”” “YESU alimpenda kama bibi yake.Hakuna jambo ambalo angelfanya tena ili kuwarudisha kwa Mungu. Hukumu ya baba yake haingebatilishwa.

NN512-3.  Wale nzige- viumbe wenye akili na wa kiungu walio na nguvu za kutisha za kuangamiza.

 Wale nzige wa Ufunuo 9:1-3 wametoka kwenye lindi kuu. Wanao uso wa mwanamume, nywele iliyojipindapinda kama ya wanawake, kinywa cha simba na chonge sawa na meno ya simba. Wanao mkia wa nge. Wako kila mahali duniani.Watikisapo mikia yao, dunia hutetemeka, nayo maji, mito na mbubujiko hutoka ardhini. Wako hapa ili kuwatesa wanadamu kupitia kwa mvua kubwa, mafuriko, tsunami, mitetemeko ya ardhi, dhoruba na moto. Hawatawapa nafasi waovu.


NN512-2.  Lile shimo la LINDI KUU: Dunia yapanda joto. Mito ya barafu inatoweka.

Msululu wa mwisho wa vyote vilivyo hai duniani sasa umeanza.Walemaji yamechafuliwa na kila aina ya virusi, viini na sumu, zitokazo kwenye moshi wa lile lindi kuu.  Wale vilevile anga imechafuliwa na ule mchirizo wa kemikali za huo moshi. Ni wa usirisiri, kimya, bila harufu. Ni kupitia kwa hivyo virusi ambapo ulimwengu utajipata kwenye dhiki ambayo hakuna atakayeweza kuituliza. ““Huu ndio mwisho wa ulimwengu! Hesabu ya kurudi nyuma imeanza. Kila mahali tutayaona matokeo ya hiyo baraghumu ya tano.”” Nyuki watatoweka. Asali yao itakuwa sumu. Nzi wenye sumu watawaua wanyama vipenzi. 

NN512-1.  “Lile shimo la LINDI KUU LI WAZI.”

Lile shimo la lindi kuu la baraghumu ya tano katika Ufunuo 9:1-2 limefunguka. Duniani kumejaa wasiwasi mwingi: anga kupanda joto, barafu kuyeyuka, mafuriko, na athari kama za nyumba ya kioo. Ni hilo shimo wazi ambalo laharibu utaratibu wa kila kitu duniani.Unabii huu waihusu dunia nzima: Njaa, ukosefu wa ngano, mahindi na maji. Njaa imekaribia.Ni gadhabu ya Mungu! Wala sio ile CO2. Bali ni ule unabii wa Baraghumu ya 5, ni msululu wa mwisho wa dunia ambao sasa umeanza. Hakuna atakaye ponyoka! Kanisa la Philadelphia linao ufunguo wa hilo shimo la lindi kuu. Ni ufunguo wa kiungu.

 NN511.  Yesu ana pepeo mkononi mwake. Awaita waumini wake waondoke makanisani.

Huu ndio ujumbe wa mwishio ambao MFALME wa uhai alikuja kuwahutubia ninyi! Vukeni upande wa Aishiye Milele! Tokeni nje ya makanisa yale yasiyotunza Sabato ili mjirekebishe muwe watakatifu, Israeli wa Mungu duniani. Mtajifunza kwa miezi michachi Sabato na utakatifu (urekebiho)(the reform) kabla ya siku hiyo kuu na ya kuogofya ya hasira za YESU! Sasa ndio wakati wa neema kwenu! Njooni! Tokeni kwenye machukizo hayo!

NN510.  Yesu alinambia,”Kengele ya mauti ya wanadamu imelia.”

 Jambo hili lilitendeka pale malaika wa 6 alipoipiga baragumu Malaika walilia. Yule farasi wa rangi ya kijani (au kijivujivu) katika Ufunuo 6:8 alileta mbele ya Yesu, kisha, pamoja na yeye aliyeipanda, akaondoka kuelekea duniani. Ile nyota kubwa ya Ufunuo 8:10-11, iitwayo PAKANGA itaangukia Paris. Nchi zote za Ulaya vilevile zitaangamizwa na hiyo PAKANGA, Zitakazoathiriwa zaidi zitakuwa ni Italia, Ufaransa, Ujerumani, ubelgiji, Uswisi. Ulaya itaangamizwa, itateketezwa, itaunguzwa, kama vile Hiroshima!YESU atailipisha damu ya kaka na dada zake wa Kiyahudi ambao walikuwa wafiadini wa Hitler YESU amwambia Jeanine Sautron aondoke kuelekea Oregon ili ajiunge na kaka na dada wa Kanisa la Philadelphia, “Masalio,” akiwemo ndugu Roy Lemke, msimamiziwa kazi hii.

 NN509.  Wale 144,000 juu ya bahari ya kioo. Ushindi wao.

Jeanine Sautron aiona bahari ya kioo kilichochanganyika na moto iliyotikisika taratibu, na kuyatoa mawimbi yaliyopuliziwa na pumzi ya MunguWale 144,000 wafika juu ya bahari hii kidogo kidogo, Huku wakiitikisa mitende, na kuimba wimbo wa kupendeza Mavazi yao yalikua yana ng’aa meupe, kama ya Yesu, bila waa, safi kabisa Walikuwa wamelipitia lile pambano kuu la Imani na kuibuka washindi! Katika njozi nyingine Jeanine apelekwa mbinguni kukutana na Yesu ili waadhimishe Sabato ndani ya nyumba ya Mungu Ilikuwa ya kifahari! kwaya zote zilikuwa zikisujudu mbele ya Yesu.Nilinyenyekea. Ni heshima iliyoje! kuona Yesu anapendwa, anasujudiwa, na kumsifu yeye aliyetoa uhai wake kwa wanadamu!

NN508. Kanisa la Philadelphia limepokea roho wa unabii kutoka kwa Yesu.

Ndoto na Njozi zitakamilisha roho wa unabii wa Ellen White, ndipo mwisho utakuja. Yesu ampaka mafuta Jeanine Sautron kwa yule roho wa unabii. Yesu  atamwarifu yeye katika Ndoto na Njozi kwa Laodekia na vilevile kwa mataifa kuhusu ile siku kuu ya Mungu wa Milele ambayo yakaribia.“Neema yangu yakutosha wewe”” ““Bila neema yangu hauwezi kufanya chochoye.”” Yesu alisema kuma Roy Lemke atakuwa pamoja na Jeanine Sautron katika kazi hii ya uchapishaji.Ndipo mwisho utakuja.

NN507. Yesu aliondoka Kanisani mwa Laodekia mwaka wa 1990.

Yapata miaka 26 sasa.. Yesu alitoka kwenya makanisa yote ya waadventista wa siku ya saba. Makanisa haya yamekufa usingizi wa kiroho, bila Mungu na bila imani. Wateule, yaani wale waumini wa Yesu sasa wanaitwa ili wamfuate kwa imani, na watoke nje! “Ondokeni! Jitenjeni! ninyi mjiweke kando! Makanisa haya yamekwisha tapikwa na Yesu. Yeus mwenyewe amewapa jina waumine wakeKanisa la Philadelphia, “Masalio” wa Mungu wa Milele, Israeli ya kisasa ya Mungu hapa duniani.

 NN506. Makaa ya moto kama mvua koka mbinguni juu ya Martinique huko Forte-de-France.

 Kisiwa cha Reunion vilevile kitaanguka chini ya HASIRA za Mungu. Kisiwa cha Martinique hakitakuwepo tena. kila mahali mavi ya nyota yalikuwa yakitia ukiwa. Vitu vyote vilichomeka.Gadhabu hii yaelekezwa hasa dhidi ya waadventista wa siku ya saba. Yesu atakomesha uzinzi, uasherati, ulaghai, kupenda pesa na kupenda na kupenda ulimwengu.Yesu amtaka Ndugu Roy Lemke ayapitie tena ule ujumbe wa 1888 wa Ellen White, ukifuatiwa na marekebisho ya dharura.

 NN505. Wapingakristo, yaani Waadventista wa siku ya saba wazua vita dhidi ya Masalio wa Aishiye Milele

Waadventista wa siku ya 7 tayari wako pamoja na mpingakristo. Watu hawa, pamoja na yule joka wataenda na kufanya VITA DHIDI YA MASALIO wa MUNGU WA MILELE. “Hakuna atakaye nusurika kutoka kwenye hayo mapigo! Wakiwa bado wamesimama kwa miguu yao, macho yao yatayeyuka yakiwa yangali ndani ya tundu, nazo ndimi zao, macho yao yatayeyuka yakiwa yangali ndani ya tundu, nazo ndimi zao zitaozea ndani ya binya vyao. Hakuna atakaye ponyoka!”SShetani tayari amesha shindwa

NN503. Zile lakiri zimevunjwa mbinguni. YESU YUAJA!

Dunia imekuwa Sodoma na Gomorrah. Nitazifungua zile lakiri saba (7) za hasira yangu ili wakazi wote wa mbingu na nchi wapate kujua kuhusu kitendo hiki cha gadhabu ambayo yakaribia.” ““GADHABU IKO KARIBU. Hakuna atakaye ponyoka!”YESU yuaja ili kusababisha MWISHO wa dhambi! Utukufu! Utukufu! Utukufu kwa Yesu!


ila kuyafunua mashauri yake ya ajabu kwa watumishi manabii wamwabuduo. Simba amenguruma. Je,ni nani ambaye hataogopa? Bwana Yahweh ametamka, je,ni nani awezaye kunyamaza ila kutabiri? Amosi3:7-8.

Mnamo May 7, 2016 BWANA YESU alianza kuutangazia ulimwengu ujumbe wenje maonyo ya hukumu. Watu wake waitwa waache dhambi, watoke kwenye makanisa yale yameanguka wamfute

NN502. Ujumbe kwa kanisa la Waadvntista wa siku ya saba, yaani Laokekia 

Ni ujumbe wa HASIRA kwa watu walio waasi, yaani watu walio walio wapotovu zaidi ya makanisa yote duniani, Wahalifu wanaochukia machoni mwa Mungu na maliaika zake, wanaozikanyagia amri zake chini ya nyayo zao. Ndani ya manyumba yao, Yesu aliyapata machukizo yote ya mataila yanayowazingira.Hukumu ya Mungu imefika! Hakuna atakaye ponyoka!